Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

TPM Alpine Series Race 1

Event Details

Time/date: 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM, 16 January 2021

Start preparing for the hills! Connor McKay at The Physio Movement is preparing the series for Jan 16, 23 and Feb 6. Runs will start and finish at The Physio Movement and prizes (first place and random spots) are donated by The Physio Movement.This will be one way to work off the excess Christmas Cheer

For information about TPM go their web site.

Long Course

Go to the Alpine Series Race 1 map for the long course.

Short Course

Go to the Alpine Series Race 1 map for the short course.

* You will need to pre-register your run by accessing the link: TRR Events Page

* Members and Non-members can register through the RevSport portal and will have to acknowledge the waiver.

* There are no registrations on the day and people won’t be able to simply join a run.

* Athletes are requested to turn up just over 15 mins before their start time.

* Athletes are responsible for bringing their own hydration / nutrition. Neither will be offered by TRR.

* Athletes are responsible for understanding the course. Please study the map beforehand (print and take if needed).


If you would like to set one of the off season runs during January and February, then see Mike Donoghue or send an e-mail.

Go to the Off Season Runs web page for more details.