Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

Volunteer Roster for Club and Fun Runs

Check the roster to see which runs you have volunteered to help time, tag or record. There is a commitment for each member volunteer at least two club runs throughout the regular running season. If you have not yet offered your services then check the roster for a spare position and fill in your name on the sheets held by Mary Donoghue at the next run. Alternatively send an email stating race name and date and the roster will be updated.

If the event has been conducted, then the names are the volunteers who have helped on the day.

If the event is still to be conducted, then the names are the volunteers who have elected to help at that event.

If you have helped with a particular run and your name was not recorded, then send an email stating race name and date and the record will be updated.

Day Date  Run Name Volunteers
Thu 26 Jan Townsville Australia Day Run  Les Crawford Mike Donoghue Mary Donoghue Cheryl Hobson Judy Davies
      Will Sue Yek Lisa Nash Cameron Wallace Tilly Pain Anne Miller
      Bob Down Justin Smith Michael Fitzsimmons Nancy Norton Therese Keir
      Michael Punchon Lyndie Beil Warren McDonald Amdrew Hannay Antony Daamen
      Connie Mullenberg Bill Doherty Sue Doherty Jenny Bosworth Gavin Werbeloff
Sat 04 Mar Riverway Park Run   Annaliese Otto  Trevor Nicholson Connie Mullenberg Mary Donoghue Gavin Werbeloff
      Meredith Watkins Sue Doherty Bill Doherty Phill Copp  
Sat 11 Mar Northshore Park Run   Isa Marrinan  Cat Johnson  Therese keir  Annaliese Otto Phil Copp 
      Andre Mentor        
Sat 18 Mar River Lower Loop   Deahne Turnbull  Andre Mentor  Cam Leitch  Sue Devine  John Nuttall
      Edrick Punshon        
Sat 25 Mar Ross Dam 10K Time Trial 1      Terry Hiette  Edric Punshon  Andre mentor  Trevor Nicholson  Dave Wharton
      David Nahrung        
Sat 01 Apr West Water Tanks  Viv Scandlyn  Kieth Scandlyn  Terry Hiette  Justin Smith  Chris Isepy
Sat 08 Apr Railway Run Simon O'Regan   Darren Charles  Viv Scandlyn  Kieth Scandlyn  Terry Hiette
      Casey Hiette        
Sat 15 Apr Alligator Creek Trail Run  Jan Hooper  Lisa Nash  David Nahrung  Celeste Labuschagne  David Anderson
Sat 22 Apr Town Common Loop  Keith Rich  Dave Wharton  Jenny Brown    
Sat 29 Apr North Ward Hills                    Clayton Smales  Luke Muccignat  Simon O'Regan  Mike Rubenach  
Sat 06 May Three Dunnies Run   David Brooke-Taylor  Terry Hiette  Marcel Zevenbergen  Simon O'Regan  Phill Copp
Sun 14 May Mother’s Day Charity Run/Walk  Mike Rubenach  Cameron Wallace  Marcel Zevenbergen  Ian Meade  Sally Meade
      Phill O'Reilly Simon O'Regan Justin Smith Bertine Krinen-Lindland Antony Daamen
      Michael Punshon Glenn Davies Michael Fitzsimmons Erin Stafford Judy Davies
      Gavin Werbeloff Tony Gordon Les Crawford Pill Copp Will Sue Yek
Sat 20 May Fairfield Waters Run   Michael Punshon  Stuart Borwick  Andre Mentor    
Sat 27 May Running Works  Cross Country   Bertine Krinen-Lindland  Viv Scandlyn  Keith Scandlyn  Kaya Laird  Michael Punshon
      Bridget Webber Simon Di Giacomo Pete Neimanis Kathy Neimanis Greta Neimanis
Sat 03 Jun Townsville Ten Miler                   Miranda Kelly Bridget Webber  Luke Muccignat  Sue Mayhew  Edric Punshon
Sat 10 Jun Ross Dam 10K Time Trial 2       Cheryl Hobson  Judy Davies  Gary Hooper  Michael Fitzsimons  
Sat 17 Jun Castle Hill Goat Track  Sonja Schofeldt-Roy Simon Di Giacomo  Deon Stripp  Liza Martini  Dave Anderson
      Ian Head Glen Davies Bill Doherty    
Sat 24 Jun Rolling Thunder   Judy Davies Cheryl Hobson      
Sat 01 Jul Bald Rock Loop  David Sewell Dave Wharton      
Fri 07 Jul 3 Day Race - Race 1 of 3  Antony Daamen        
Sat 08 Jul 3 Day Race - Race 2 of 3  Mary Donoghue  Antony Daamen Nancy Norton   Justin Smith  Patrick Peacock
      krystal Pearson        
Sun 09 Jul 3 Day Race - Race 3 of 3  keith Scanlon  Michael Punshon  Erin stafford  Will Sue Yek  
Sat 15 Jul Riverside Figure 8   Julie Brunker  Mick Palmer      
Sat 22 Jul North Ward Circuit  Nancy Norton  Lisa Jones  Vijaya Stewart  Glen Davies  David Brooke-Taylor
Sat 29 Jul University tour  Vijaya Stewart  Michael Punchon  Cat Johnson    
Sun 06 Aug Townsville Running Festival          
Sat 12 Aug Fairfield Waters handicap Stuart Borwick  Dale Eriksen  RosemaryLabuschagne  Michael Punchon  
Sat 19 Aug Two Tunnels Hailey Peluchetti Edric Punchon; Nikki Desailly; Mike Donoghue;  
Sat 26 Aug Ross Dam 10K Time Trial 3  Sonja Schonfeldt-Roy Lisa Jones; Meredeth Watkins Cheryl Hobson Nicci Desailly
      Edric Punchon        
Sun 03 Sep King/Queen of Castle Fun Run  Michael Punshon  Julie Brunker  Justin Smith  Gerry Maguire  Liz Maguire
      John Nuttall Stuart Borwick Scott Vollmerhause Antony Daamen Les Crawford
      Marcel Zevenbergen Michael Fitzsimmons Johanna Quinn Sally Meade Ian Meade
      Vana Sabesan Sabe Sabesan Judy Davies Cheryl  Hobson Will Sue Yek
      Bridget Webber Deffy Tsang      
Sat 09 Sep Bushland Beach Ramble   Michael Punshon  Antony Daamen  Krystal Pearson  Justin Smith  
Sat 16 Sep Loam Island Loop  Frank Tirendi  Justin Smith  Krystal Pearson  Scott Volterhause  
Sat 23 Sep Around the Hill ANQ Championships  Michael Punchon Justin Smith Cam Wallace Judy Davies  Derrick Evans
Sat 30 Sep East Water Tanks  Derrick Evans Cam Wallace

Adrian Garnett

Sat 07 Oct Race in the Park  Deffy Tsang Cameron Wallace  Cheryl Hobson Cat Johnson Therese Keir
      Connie Mullenberg Trevor Nicholson      
Sat 14 Oct Magnetic island run