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2021 Townsville Australia Day Fun Run



Race Director: Colleen Newnham

The TownsvilleAustralia Day Fun Run will be held on Tuesday the 26th of January 2021 starting at 6.30 am. 

Dress in Australian theme fancy dress to celebrate Australia Day.

Presentations: - Cash presentations will be at 8am for first male & female 18+ and under 18 as well as 10 random draw prizes.

After the run why not stay for the other Australia Day festivities.

From 9-12 the Get Active Expo will also be at Jezzine Park.


 Registrations begin at 6.00am on the day of the event.

 You will need to pre-register your run by accessing the link: TRR Events Page

 Some entry forms will be available on the day at the start location.

The run will have wave starts;
runners 6.30,
joggers/social 6.40,
walkers/prams 6.50.

Cash presentations will be at 8am for first male & female 18+ and under 18 as well as 10 random draw prizes.g>

The entry fee is a gold coin donation with all proceeds going to charity 

 The course: - 5 Km

Start on the Kennedy Regiment Plaza at the Mitchell Street end and follow the plaza to Jezzine Way West.
Turn right onto the path and follow to the path junction and turn left. Continue onto the Esplanade path and turn around after Rose Street.
Follow the Esplanade path back to Jezzine Barracks and follow the path to the boardwalk. Go up the boardwalk and turn left and follow Kissing Point Vista Road to the bottom of the steps.
Do not use the steps, but instead follow the ramp to path near the gun emplacements. At the end of this path, turn left up a small ramp, then right to follow the Zig Zag path down to the Jezzine Way East path.
Follow this path to the Rock Pool and then follow the path around the Rock Pool back onto the Strand Path.
Turn left and follow the Strand path to Strand Park. Follow the path around Strand Park in a clockwise direction, then return along the Strand path to the Rock Pool.
Turn left into the Howitt Street path to Mitchell Street. Turn right onto the Mitchell Street path and finish near the end of the Kennedy Regiment Plaza.

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