Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay


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Club Contacts


Colleen Newnham

m:0400 550 616

e:  Send an e-mail the TRR President

 Running Festival

e: E-mail enquiries regarding the Townsville Running Festival


Vice President



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Tiley Pain

e: Send an e-mail to the TRR Secretary



Dale Eriksen

e: Send an e-mail to the TRR Treasurer



Coleen Newnham

m: 0400 550 616

e: E-mail enquiries regarding juniors


Sponsorship Manager

Dave Wharton


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 Dave Wharton

e: E-mail enquiries regarding club membership



Media Representative





Volunteer Coordinator & Results

Michael Fitzsimmons

m: 0409 635 392

e:  E-mail enquiries regarding volunteering to help at club runs and TRR events

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e:  E-mail enquiries regarding Results

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ANQ Liaison

Derrick Evans

e:  E-mail enquiries regarding ANQ

Committee Members

Colleen Newnham, Tilley Pain, Dale Erikson,

Emily Hall, Laurence Hosking, Robert Bowden,

David Wharton, B J Kim, Scott McInnes,

Coral Finlay, Carmen Low,