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Membership Information

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The aim of the Townsville Road Runners is to promote running and jogging in Townsville through weekly club runs, races and major events.

Our membership covers competitors of all ages and abilities from people who simply enjoy running, walking and keeping fit, to many of Townsville’s top runners. .

Everyone regardless of age and ability is catered for and welcome.

General Information: Runs are held all year long regardless of rain, summer heat or cyclones (well, ok, maybe not in an actual cyclone).

The running season where places and times are recorded starts in March and finishes in October -. Check the calendar for the event programme.- The offseason is from October to February when untimed runs are held for fun, fitness and friendship. 

Courses range from flat roads to hills, tracks and cross country. Courses vary in difficulty from short and easy, to a couple which are long and ardous. 

All Club runs and off-season runs are open to new runners and we encourage you to come down and have a go. You don’t have to be a member you just need to enjoy running.

Regular training runs (long runs, hills, track) are held weekly throughout the year.

Other information will be shared via our e-newsletter and through our social media. Please ensure you connect with these channels via our website and social media pages.

All participants and members are encouraged to volunteer at least twice per year at Saturday morning runs. Jobs include recording, timing, set up before and pack down after the run. If volunteers are not forthcoming, volunteers may be rostered on at the discretion of the committee.  Courses range from flat roads to hills, tracks and cross country. Courses vary in difficulty from short and easy, to a couple which are long and arduous. Regular training runs (long runs, hills, track) are held weekly throughout the year.

Note To All Participants: You don’t have to complete the course and you are welcome to shorten it or return to the start early. If you haven’t completed the designated course, please don’t cross the finish line and let the recorders know you’ve returned. If completing the designated course, all participants must finish the race by crossing the line. 

There is a nominal fee of $3 per run for members but will be free in 2022 to celebrate 50 years of TRR. Cost is $6 per run for non-members for most runs (Family members - $9.00 and Family non-members $18).  This covers the costs of holding a run, as well as insurance and providing cuppas, biscuits and cordial after a run.  A different fee applies for Fun Runs, The Running Festival and nominated other runs which will be advised.

The off-season runs are normally around 8km and there is a short course option for those just starting out which is around 4km. Club runs commence in the running season on the first Saturday in March. The Club runs are open to everyone - member or non-member alike.  They are held at different venues during the year and are of various distances. A glance at the calendar will tell you what runs are coming up. These in season club runs are timed and recorded for your benefit and can be run competitively or as a social run, its up to you. Results are posted on the TRR website and in the Townsville Bulletin space permitting.

All you need to do is pick up a printed calendar from TRR or hop on this website to find out what run is on and to check the home page for any news items.

In addition to Saturday morning runs there are road runners out training most days of the week. Join one of the training sessions and really see your running take off.  .Ask around at Saturday morning club runs to find out more about training and social runs or go to the training webpage

If you do decide to take out a membership you will be eligible for club championship points. At the end of the year your best 12 runs count towards a placing in the Club Championship. Refer to the Club Championship Points webpage for details of the points scoring system.

All members are required to assist with timing, tagging and recording duties on a roster basis at least 2 times per year, more if possible.  If you are injured, you are still welcome to assist with volunteering while you recover.

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Membership Prices

Senior $70
Walkers, Supporters $60
Full Time Students $60
Junior (under 18) $35
Family (2 Adults and 2 or more children) $180

Financial members - Free although a gold coin donation is always appreciated..
Non-members - $6 per run for an individual with families capped at $15.00 per run.
Your first ever run with the club is free but please introduce yourself to the run organisers for a brief introduction.

Race Series

Club Championship Points – Eligibility is for adult members only based on your 12 best points scoring events (best 12 club point runs or 11 club point runs & 1 volunteer or 10 club point runs & 2 volunteers) commencing when you lodge your membership. Under 18 juniors approved by the President to do the long course will be included in the under 30 age group.

Long course awards apply to the top 3 in each age group. The short course awards are for the first male and female only but may be expanded, depending on participation and interest.

President’s Cup (PC) – Highest points after completing all 4 PC races (see calendar).



Membership Registration

On line registration is available.  This is the preferred method of registration.  If you can not complete on-line registration, are a life member not paying any subscription or a registering as a family please see Dave Wharton as system limitations may mean you need to to complete pre-printed forms.  Note for safety reasons any junior under 10 must be approved by the club president first before their membership is approved.  Any juniors wanting to partake in the long runs must also be approved by the club president.

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