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Club Championship Points

Club Championship Points applies for the adult long and short course series for those 18 years of age or over on the last day of that year.  Under 18's can only compete for the adult long course series if they have presidents approval and will be included in the 18 to 29 year age group.  You must complete 12 eligible point scoring events to be eligible.  This will be your best 12 eligible point scoring runs.  However if you have only completed 11 eligible runs and volunteered once, that volunteer will count as 1 run scored at your average points per run or if you have only completed 10 eligible runs and volunteered twice, the 2 volunteers will be counted as 2 runs scored at your average points per run.  If you are injured, we suggest volunteering if possible.  Only a maximum of 2 volunteer efforts can be counted towards points.

Club Championship Point are open to Townsville Road Runner members only usually from when the become a member so it is essential you complete your membership as close as possible to the commencement of the running season. 

Your points are 101 minus your members only place so the first member to finish an eligible run/event will get 100 points, the next member will get 99 points etc.

Some fun runs and running festival events may be included as eligible runs.  For these runs, it is difficult for the results keeper to seperate the members from the non-members so the results list for such eligible runs will be on display at the subsequent 2 club runs and members will need to highlight there names on this list if they want them counted as a point scoring runs.

Gender based age groups awards will apply for the long course series.  The age groups for the long course series are presently 18 to 29 + any president approved juniors; 30 to 39; 40 to 49; 50 to 59; 60 to 64; 65 to 69; 70 to 74; 75 and over.

The points table will be published twice a year with the mid year tally be reported in July and the final results tally will be made available at the presentation night.

This is a brief explanation of how the Club Championship works. If you would like a fuller explanation, see Michael Fitzsimons at one of the club runs.

For information about volunteering and the club points system go to Points for Volunteers.

Club Points for the Short Course

The same logic applies for the short course except that due to lower numbers, the awards are for the first overall male and first overall female members only.  There are no age groups for adults participating in the short course series, and members cannot win awards in both the long course and the short course competition.