Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

Training Information 

Saturday Morning Club Runs

As per the Calendar

Sunday Morning Long Runs

These Sunday runs are not Townsville Road Runners events but a social / training runs for anyone interested in distance running

Starting at 5.30 am usually (sometimes 6am in winter). Usually from Riverway or the Rock Pool and sometimes confirmed at the Saturday morning Club Run.  At Riverway, please park in the main carpark opposite the oval outside the stadium.  As it is often dark when these runs commence, please take safety precautions and run with other runners wherever possible.

If no long run is announced at the Saturday Club run, ask your fellow dedicated long course runners what their plans are.

Tuesday Morning Hill Run

These Tuesday morning runs are not Townsville Road Runners events but a social / training runs for anyone interested in building endurance and strength.

Meet on The Strand opposite Gregory Street at 5.30 am for an informal run around the North Ward hills.  The distance is around 10 Km with 10 hills, for the usual course.  There are ususally a number of groups doing different courses.  Sometimes the course will change, just for some variety.

This is a work day so the start time is 5.30 am sharp.

For those who have the time, there is usually coffee after the run.

Tuesday Track Sessions

These track sessions are not for beginners. They are aimed at those who are 13 years and older and for people that can run continuously for 5 km or do 2-3 runs of 25-30 mins each week.

Meet at the Townsville Sports Reserve, Burke Street for a 5.30pm start.

$8 for both TRR members and non TRR members

Download this information file for more details about the Tuesday Track Sessions and information about stretching.

Any questions contact Phil Copp on 04 3957 5340 or send an e-mail.

Keep informed about the sessions by signing up to the club weekly updates / newsletter, from the home page.

Also sessions will be posted on the club facebook page.



Thursday Morning Coached Group 5.30 am

Meet at the Rock Pool on the Strand for a 5:30 pm start. This is a free event and open to all runners of all abilities. 


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