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Saturday Club Runs

The Townsville Road Runners Club holds a run most Saturdays.  The runs start from different venues and are different courses with varying terrains and distances.   Members of the club and non members are welcome to participate in all events.


To get the run started at the designated time, make the event run smoothly and attempt to reduce timing mistakes, some procedures / rules will be put in place.

  • It is each runners responsibility to have read, understood and adhere to these rules during the competition season. These are to be placed on the notice board at each run and provided readily on the web page.
  • A pre-race brief will commence 10 minutes prior to the scheduled race start. This will include any club announcements followed by the race brief. Announcements are to be cleared by the President or Vice-President prior to being announced to ensure races commence on time.
  • Each runner is responsible for viewing and understanding the race course either through the TRR web page or on the map provided prior to each run. The race brief will cover major roads and changes of direction only.
  • Short course will be marked with yellow cones and long course with blue cones.
  • TRR do not own the roads, all club members are to remain courteous to the public and give way to traffic if running on the roads. If a run is on a public road, runners are to, where possible, run facing oncoming traffic. If a crossing is required it will be marked via the respective coloured cones. You may run the tangent and cross when it is safe to do so only if it provides no advantage by shortening the prescribed course.
  • When running on pathways, keep to the left. If running in a pack, try where possible to be no more than two abreast.
  • Any runners that take a wrong turn during the season and become aware of it are to bring it to the attention of the President of Vice President immediately. A decision will be made on whether or not club points will be awarded following consideration of the circumstances.
  • Any protests due to people being observed missing parts of the course or taking short cuts are to be presented to the President or Vice President within 15mins of your finish. Protests outside of this time will not be considered.
  • If any runner is injured on course, the first person on the scene should render assistance. The next person should seek to communicate the injury back to the start/finish line. Anyone that stops to render first aid will earn their weekly place average for that run.
  • When approaching the finish of a run, runners are to ensure they finish in the appropriate shute for the short or long course Runners will be handed a place tag when they cross the finish line which is to be presented immediately to the recorders. Runners who go back to encourage others are not to re-enter the finish area.

To see which is the next Saturday Club Run go to the Home Page and Upcoming Events or to the Race Calendar.

The competition Saturday Club Runs begin in March and go through till October.

Saturday runs continue from October to February with Off Season Saturday Runs which are held at various venues.

 If there are any questions about the courses, send an e-mail to