Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay


Event Details

Time/date: 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM, 18 December 2021

This will be the last off season run from Rossiter Park. The next Saturday run / walk will be to the top of Castle Hill on Christmas Day.

Details about the Turkey Trot will be available at the briefing before the run, but leave your watch / garmin / other timing devices in the car or safe place before the run starts.

Check the web site and / or the weekly e-mails for information.

Enjoy no pressure running for a couple of months over summer before the start of the more serious racing in March.  Why not organize a run for one of the Saturday morning runs during the next 2 months and then you can make the kind of course that you prefer.   Go to the Off Season Runs web page for more details

 You will need to pre-register your run by accessing the link: TRR Events Page

* Members and Non-members can register through the RevSport portal and will have to acknowledge the waiver.

* Athletes are requested to turn up just over 15 mins before their start time.

* Athletes are responsible for bringing their own hydration / nutrition.

* Athletes are responsible for understanding the course. Please study the map beforehand (print and take if needed).