Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

Three Day Race Sunday

Event Details

Time/date: 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM, 21 April 2024

This is the last run of the 3 day race with a course distance of around 13 Km. 

NOTE :- The course for this run has changed this year due to the Army Run using the Strand. See the new course below.

For the new course,

Go to the 2024 Sunday Run.

Start on Mitchell Street at Strand Park and turn left into McKinley Street. Turn right into Warburton Street and continue into Bundock Street. (take care crossing at the Howitt Street intersection) Turn right into Heatly Parade and cross the Mundy Creek bridge and follow the Pallarenda path for about 150 meters, cross the road giving way to traffic and return to Mundy Creek. Cross the bridge follow the canal path,turn left into Evans Street, then right onto Bundock Street. Cross Bundock Street when safe (taking care and giving way to traffic), turn left into Stagpole Street, right into Echlin Street and then left onto Ingham Road. Follow Ingham Road to Flinders Street taking care and giving way to all traffic when crossing the Sturt Street intersection. Turn left into Flinders Street, then left into Stanley Street, right into Sturt Street, then left into Stokes Street. At the top of Stokes Street turn right into Victoria Street, left into Murray Street, right into Gregory Street, left into Paxton Street, and continue to the end of Paxton Street and into Yarrawonga Drive. Turn right into Gilbert Crescent, and at Warburton Street cross the road (taking care and giving way to traffic), turn right onto the concrete path. Turn left into Landsborough Street, right into Eyre Street, left into Burke Street, left into Mitchell Street and finish at Strand Park.


For details and the maps for the usual 3 Day Race Maps, go to the Three Day Race web page.

* You will need to pre-register your run by accessing the link: TRR Events Page

* Members and Non-members can register through the RevSport portal and will have to acknowledge the waiver.

* Athletes are requested to turn up just over 15 mins before their start time.

* Athletes are responsible for bringing their own hydration / nutrition.

* Athletes are responsible for understanding the course. Please study the map beforehand (print and take if needed).