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Volunteers and the Club Points System.

An Explanation of the club points system

During the year, a number of races on the calendar can earn points for club members.   The points only apply to the long courses and usually to about 25 races depending on the calendar for that particular year.

The winner of the race earns 150 points with the second place getter earning (regardless of age or gender) 149 points which is one less than the winner.   Third place earns 2 less points than the winner and so on to the last place.   If there are more than 150 competitors in the race then all competitors who place after 150 receive 1 point

At the end of the year after all the point scoring races have been completed, the points for the best results (for the nominated number of runs for that year) for each individual are totalled and then sorted into gender and age groups, thereby finding the best performing club members for that year.

A club member has to complete the nominated number of points scoring runs during the year to be eligible for a placing for the year.  Exceptions apply when a club member has volunteered to help on a Saturday or a fun run.  Points can only be scored for the long course.

For more information on the club points system go to Club Championship Points.

Club Age Divisions

The age divisions for the club are

18 - 29

30 - 39

40 - 49

50 - 59

60 - 64

65 - 69

70 - 74

75 +

These divisions may be subject to adjustment.

A club member moves into a particular age division at the start of the year in which the significant birthday falls.   Significant birthdays are 18, 30, 40, and so on.

This applies only to the club points system age groups.   The age for all other runs, including the Townsville Running Festival and other Fun Runs, is the participants age on the day of the event.

Volunteering and how this applies to the points system

Each event, whether a Saturday club run or a fun run requires volunteers for it to be successful.  These volunteers are required for timing, tagging and recording for all events, plus many other duties for fun runs.  So as not to disadvantage the volunteers, points can be credited for helping out at any two events during the year.  This applies to all Saturday club runs and all fun runs including the Australia Day Fun Run.   It does not apply to the Running Festival as this is organised by the TRF committee.

The points for the volunteering duties are calculated as the average of the nominated number of points scoring runs that the club member completed.

Conditions that apply to be eligible for a placing for the year.

  1. Club members must have run in at least the nominated number of points scoring events during the year or alternatively run 1 or 2 points scoring runs and less and volunteered at least once or twice to add up to the nominated number of runs runs.
  2. Only 2 volunteering services can count towards the total number of runs.  
  3. Helping is not transferable.  That is, a friend can not help and say that they are doing it for another club member.  This means that a club member must run the nominated number - less 2 - of points scoring events and attend 2 other events at a minimum to be eligible for a place on the club ladder for that year.
  4. If a club member runs in the long course and still helps with that event, then that volunteering service does not count towards the number of times that that club member helped.    If a club member runs in the short course or walks and then helps with that event then that volunteering service does count towards the number of times that club member has helped provided that the short course is not a points run.