Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

2005 Results

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If you would like your actual running time for the Fairfield Waters Handicap, then compare the results with the handicapping.

2005-03-06 Playtime Dash for Cash

2005-03-12 Aplins Weir Loop

2005-03-19 Soroptomist Park Loop

2005-03-26 Four Leaf Clover

2005-04-02 Reclaim Run

2005-04-09 University Loop

2005-04-16 Waterfall Run

2005-04-23 Ross River Dam 10k Time Trial

2005-04-24 Lest We Forget Fun Run

2005-04-30 Riverside Figure 8

2005-05-07 ANQ Cross Country Championships

2005-05-08 McDonalds Mothers Day Classic

2005-05-14 Fairfield Waters Handicap

2005-05-14 Handicapping Alphabetical

2005-05-15 Ayr Sugar Rush 10Km

2005-05-15 Ayr Sugar Rush 5Km

2005-05-15 Ayr Sugar Rush Half Marathon

2005-05-21 Castle Hill Track

2005-05-28 Bushland Beach All Terrain

2005-06-05 Sportsco Junior King and Queen of the Castle 4

2005-06-05 Sportsco King and Queen of the Castle 10Km

2005-06-11 West Water Tanks

2005-06-18 Strand Run

2005-06-26 Forest Design 3 Day Race Day 1

2005-06-26 Forest Design 3 Day Race Day 3

2005-06-26 Forest Design 3 Day Race Overall

2005-07-02 North Ward Circuit

2005-07-09 Townsville Podiatry Centre Fun Run

2005-07-16 Townsville Ten Miler

2005-07-23 Riverside Gardens Paths

2005-07-30 Village Haven Loop

2005-08-07 adidas Townsville Half Marathon

2005-08-07 Pacific National Queensland 10k Fun Run

2005-08-07 Pacific National Queensland 5k Fun Run

2005-08-07 Tony Ireland Holden Townsville Marathon

2005-08-20 Petes Cross Country Series Race One

2005-08-27 Petes Cross Country Series Race Two

2005-09-03 Petes Cross Country Series Race Three

2005-09-04 Fathers Day Fun Run and Walk

2005-09-17 Lower River and Fairfield Waters

2005-09-24 Murray and JCU Circuit

2005-10-01 Casino Run

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