Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

2006 Results

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The Names for the McDonalds Mothers Day Classic were lost. Only the places and times survived.

If you can remember your finishing place or time, then please send me an e-mail with these details and your full name and I will update the results.

2006-03-05 Playtime Dash for Cash

2006-03-11 Aplins Weir Loop

2006-03-18 Soroptimist Park Loop

2006-03-25 Four Leaf Clover

2006-04-01 Reclaim Run

2006-04-08 University Loop

2006-04-15 Waterfall Run

2006-04-16 Suncorp NQ Games 5Km Fun Run

2006-04-16 Suncorp NQ Games Half Marathon

2006-04-22 10K Time Trial

2006-04-29 Castle Hill Track

2006-05-06 Riverside Figure 8 16kms

2006-05-13 ANQ Cross Country Championships

2006-05-14 McDonalds Mothers Day Classic

2006-05-20 Fairfeild Waters Handicap

2006-05-21 Ayr Sugar Rush

2006-05-27 North Ward Circuit

2006-06-04 Sportsco King and Queen of the Castle

2006-06-10 West Water Tanks

2006-06-11 Northern Beaches Festival Paluma Fun Run

2006-06-17 Strand Run

2006-06-24 Riverside Gardens Paths

2006-07-01 Bushland Beach All Terrain

2006-07-07 Forest Design 3 Day Race Day 1

2006-07-08 Forest Design 3 Day Race Day 2

2006-07-09 Forest Design 3 Day Race Day 3

2006-07-09 Forest Design 3 Day Race Overall

2006-07-15 Townsville Podiatry Centre Fun Run

2006-07-22 Townsville Ten Miler

2006-07-29 Village Haven Loop

2006-08-06 4TO 5k and McDonalds Junior Fun Run

2006-08-06 Chiropractic Care Townsville Half Marathon

2006-08-06 Sports Med Townsville 10k Fun Run

2006-08-06 Tony Ireland Holden Townsville Marathon

2006-08-19 Petes Cross Country Series Race 1

2006-08-26 Petes Cross Country Series Race 2

2006-09-02 Petes Cross Country Series Race 3

2006-09-03 McDonalds Fathers Day Fun Run

2006-09-09 Lower River and Fairfield Waters

2006-09-16 Murray and JCU Circuit

2006-09-30 Casino Run

2006-10-07 Palarenda Loop

2006-11-11 Rolling Thunder

Final Results