Commonwealth Games 2014 - Queen's baton relay

This file below reflects the results of the Townsville Running Festival Marathon from 1973 to 2023

Townsville Running Festival Marathon Finishers List

The first sheet shows the number of runs completed by each participant and is sorted by surname.  To reveal individual statistics, double-click on one of the entries in the "Count of Marathons Completed" column of these sheets and the statisics will open in a seperate page.

It has been compiled from old records however limited information was recorded in some years especially the earlier years and sometimes names were misspelt or are incomplete. No times are available for 2000 - just places.

These results have been corrected wherever possible but if there is a discrepancy or if you have changed your name and have entries under 2 different names, please send details by email to  The subject must commence "Marathon Honour Roll Query".